Only in 3 Steps

Draw your project, send it to us, get an offer.

Don't bother!!! After preparing the project, send the drawing file of the project to our expert team in a few seconds, so they can make the best offer for you as soon as possible.


Get an offer in 3 steps!!!

Quote Steps

Important Note: Please make sure that you have specified the following information in the project technical drawing before submitting your project, otherwise your request will not be taken into account.

1- Correctly specify all aspect sizes in your project.
2- Please never send us your architectural project. Just send window and door drawings.

Step 1 Draw Your Project

After you create the technical drawing of your project, prepare your project in autocad format or in formats such as jpeg, pdf.

Step 2 Send Project File

Once you've made sure your project contains the necessary information, press the Add file button on the quotation form to install your project and click send.

Step 3 Evaluation and Bidding

Your project is reviewed by us, the necessary drawings are remade, price research is done and then the offer is prepared in detail and sent to the people.

Offer Form

Note: Please enter all the necessary information. Otherwise, your offer will not be taken into account.

Learn to Get Offers in 3 Steps

Just send a drawing of your project?

Just send autocad or similar programs or manualdetailed drawings of your project with units of measure and details.

Should I just use the offer form to get an offer?

You can also email us your project to receive an offer. Our offer form is the easiest for you in these methods.

How many days will the return be made after i submit my project?

Your project will enter the order of the offer with other projects that request proposals. When it's your turn, your project's proposal will be prepared. This period can range from 1 to 10 days at a minimum.

Will I pay any fees to receive an offer?

No, getting offers is completely free.



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